15 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer is the time when you no longer have to chew on that pen you borrowed from your friend during class. No more deadlines and assignments piling up in your inbox waiting to trigger your anxiety. No more pending assignments and stress researches for an online coursework writing service to meet the deadlines. You finally get a break from all the hassles of college life and get to live a little! 

Now, you have one of the two choices; either let the whole summer go away by hanging out with your friends, or take a job, broaden your mind and learn to work in a professional environment. Also, did I mention extra money? So, what sounds more promising to you? If you go with the second option, you have landed at the right place!

15 Best Summer Jobs One Can Go For

Here is the list of the best jobs for a college student to go for during the summers:

1) Landscaping:

Landscaping job includes a variety of stuff from lawn maintenance to growing plants and trees. If you have the experience and skills, you can even start your own service.

2) Life Guard:

If you are certified, you can search up for vacancies in your locality such as any nearby pool or a water park. It is also great for those who love working outdoors.

3) Golf Caddy:

Working as a golf caddy is the easiest, hence more suitable job for college students as they do not have the professional experience to be hired somewhere else. It pays a good amount of money, although the pay may depend on the golf course chosen.

4) Farm Hand:

This job is best suited if you are in a rural area. As a farmhand, you can do many jobs such as feeding the animals, taking care of them, harvesting crops or planting, etc.

5) Plant Nursery Assistant:

If you love plants and flowers, then this job is made just for you. At a plant nursery, you can enjoy the summer and fresh air all while assisting someone to choose the prettiest lilies to take home. You get the opportunity to dig in the forest of products.

6) Sign Holder:

This job requires no extra effort. All you got to do is stand with the sign, maybe break a leg sometimes but nothing more. And you get a few bucks in your pocket just like that.

7) Waiter:

The most opted-out job for students, is of a waiter or server, and honestly why not? A little exercise but many opportunities to earn more than your salary through tips.

8) Busser:

As a busser, you can still earn from tips without having to be as social and interactive as your waiter brethren. 

9) Barista:

The staple beverage of a fatigued college student is what we all know as coffee. If coffee’s not your cup o’ tea then it might just become after working as a barista. You will have to get familiar with all the beautiful varieties of coffee. 

10) Ice-cream Scooper:

One’s childhood dream come true. As an ice cream scooper, you will have to serve kids and families this frozen heaven and when you are tired of doing so; you get to eat as much ice cream as you want!!

11) Babysitter:

If you like taking care of children and babies then you would love to be a sitter. Just be ready for all that exhaustion as you would be running after kids all the time.

12) Housekeeper:

Being a housekeeper, you don’t have to take care of little humans, instead, you will be taking care of a house by cleaning, dusting and sweeping, etc.

13) Receptionist:

As summers approach, hotels, motels, spas, and salons are flooded with guests. The job of a receptionist just grows more in demand so why not take advantage of the surge? 

14) Dog Walker:

If you can walk dogs then you should go for this job. Put your info online so whenever someone is seeking a dog walker in your locality, you will be alerted.

15) Animal Shelter:

If you are good with animals then you should most definitely go for the occupation of an animal shelter associate. You will have to walk, feed and take care of animals here.

Final Thoughts:

Working during your vacation will teach you hard work and perseverance because as you move further in your academic life, things might get more difficult. You will have to work day and night on your academic writings and dissertations, although this can be avoided by acquiring help from the best reliable essay writing service UK online website providing dissertation writing service London-based. Whatever the case, doing a job will always provide you with something valuable, be it money, or a life-long lesson. 

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