second-hand embarrassment and embarrassment synonym

Are you seeking out synonyms for Embarrassment? Here are a few associated phrases and their definitions. Some of the top associated phrases are blush, disembarrass, ease, writhe, and squirm. The listing includes 210 phrases. Embarrassment and these phrases are comparable in meaning.

Below is the listing of synonyms for Embarrassment.

Embarrassment is the feeling of disgrace or self-recognition that outcomes from an ignoble movement or feeling. An ignoble act causes someone to sense shame, and may even lead to a sly smile. Other synonyms of embarrassment consist of shaming, disgrace, and extra. In each of those cases, the person is the supply of the pain.

second-hand embarrassment

Embarrassment is a sense of embarrassment which could prevent humans from carrying costumes in public. It also can reason confusion,second hand embarrassment discomfiture, and confusion. Many human beings become self-aware after they need to address a sloppy desk way. Embarrassment has many synonyms, second hand embarrassment such as dreadful, mortifying, sticky, and unenviable.

embarrassment synonym

The phrase embarrass is frequently observed with the aid of the adjective discomposed. This implies a circumstance in which reality and equanimity are disenchanted. The end result is a feeling of uncertainty and hesitancy. The phrase discomfit implies agitation that impairs judgment. The resulting scenario makes one sense extraordinarily embarrassed. A try at humor can help. It can be difficult to confess while one is feeling ashamed.

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