Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Tsurumi Island

Admiring the Genshin Impact map’s course to Tsurumi Island? New reviews wait for you on Genshin Tsurumi Island 2.2, however, the path ahead is unknown. The Moonchase Festival is not running, but there’s a brand new occasion in which you could hold out with Thomas and Sayu.

With the release of the state-of-the-art replacement, the surviving Inazuma Island has been found out, but there may be one minor snag: players will have to complete a challenge to get there.

Access Tsurumi island torch puzzle

Walking through a gate as part of the first mission in Through the Mists, A Particularly Particular Author will dispel tons of the fog. Players that enter the fog without passing the tsurumi island torch puzzle via the gate may be transferred to the Statue of The Seven on Tsurumi Island. Players that stroll through the gate into the fog can be transferred to the closest unlocked Teleport Waypoint out of doors of any fog presently present. All of Tsurumi Island’s fog is permanently banished after finishing The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna.

Location tsurumi island genshin

The Tsurumi Island Genshin Location is shrouded in thick fog. To make the participant’s venture extra hard while the usage of the Windrider tsurumi island genshin to get there. The gamers can technically land there, however, if they live there for too lengthy, the mist will at once transfer them away.

The new island is placed on Inazuma’s southernmost tip. To go to Tsurumi Island, players should first complete the “Through The Mists” World tsurumi island genshin Quest. When “Seirai Stormchasers” is completed. The finishing task might be unlocked. And players might be in a position to talk with Katheryne in Inazuma City.

Katheryne may be determined tsurumi island torch puzzle in the back of the structure, status at the wooden platform. After talking with Katheryne, you need to chat with Sumida after which find the Kama in Ritu. It is placed past Konda Village to the northwest of Inazuma City.

Dragon Ball Saga

You will be transferred to Genshin’s Tsurumi Island as soon as you have spoken to each of them.

The mist could impede your progress once you arrive. In that murky mist, lanterns may be your guiding angel, and having them with you always will keep you from getting lost and teleporting you back to the final checkpoint.

Instead of dashing blindly with no concept of where you’re going, follow a precise path and use white lamps to live securely. If you use your Electro skills at the lanterns, they may start to light purple.

Players can use these lanterns to attain Ruu and take the following step in clearing the foggy fog.

What is the situation on Tsurumi Island?

In a try to keep individuals who went out of the Sea of Fog, Ruu turned into sacrifice in vain. The act’s violence drove Kapatcir insane, ensuing in the general annihilation of Tsurumi Island and all of its populations. Read approximately Subway Surfers mod Apk.

Is Tsurumi the final island on this planet?

Tsurumi is the state-of-the-art of Inazuma’s islands to be discovered. It’s to the southeast of Sierra Island, and if you tried to travel there using Windrider, you probably didn’t have a good deal of luck due to the mist that’s settled there. Here’s how you end the Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island fog trouble with that during thoughts.

Is there a time restriction on Tsurumi Island?

The entire Sumida Tsurumi Island Quest Line must be completed. Because the Illusions or Ghosts will handiest seem when you whole the Sumida Tsurumi Island Quest Line, you have to achieve this first. It’s a time-confined assignment to takes 4 days to accomplish.


Each journey on Genshin’s Tsurumi Island is specific, permitting players to find out the sport and entire it in something manner they see in shape. Find out tsurumi island genshin more approximately video games at Dunkgaming. To progress in this game, you must chat with a set amount of people and dispel the misty fog so that you can attain the island.

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