The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About XResolver Alternatives To Grab IP

XResolver, however, originated returned in 2017, dispersed on 2 exceptional domain names, one for Xbox and one for PSN. The reverse lookups weren’t very a hit at the time, as players themselves shop those IP/Gamertag entries via the usage of an IP puller referred to as Octosniff. As Octosniff became more and more famous, in fact, the number one IP sniffer within the final years so did resolver’s database develops, exponentially.

Now boasting over 20 million entries


you’re more than in all likelihood to locate yourself on their offerings, and in the end, be liable to IP booters and birthday celebration kickers. While the internet site carrier is controversial to many, it is completely legal to list public statistics. It is up to the users to now not misuse these statistics and follow the advocated tips on protecting themselves from such tools and assaults.XResolver, however, commenced returning in 2017, scattered on 2 numerous place names, one for Xbox and one for PSN. The converse queries weren’t extraordinarily fruitful at that point, as players themselves shop those IP/Gamertag passages with the aid of making use of an IP puller known as Octosniff.

Presently gloating north of 20 million

passages, you’re genuinely to wind up on their administrations, and sooner or later, be prone to IP booters and birthday party kickers. While website management is doubtful too many, it is absolutely lawful to list public information. It depends upon the clients to no longer abuse these statistics and looks at the advised policies on ensuring themselves against such devices and attacks. As a gamer, from time to time all it takes to win a recreation is to realize your opponent. And there’s no better manner to try this than with the assistance of online equipment such as resolver. This Xbox IP grabber makes use of an advanced algorithm to accumulate data approximately a player’s IP, username, geolocation, city, and ISP.

What is resolver

resolver is a website that’s technically a database with an advanced algorithm that parses or logs a participant’s Gamertags and IP addresses every time they play on Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation, and PC participant.

Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver is a web tool to extract a participant’s IP deal from their Xbox game code or Gamertag. As an IP sniffer tool, Xbox Resolver makes it viable for game enthusiasts to acquire statistics about their fighters and use that to their gain in the course of gameplay. If you’re seeking out the first-rate Xbox IP resolver for personal network tracking and packet identification, that is a superb option to consider.

It makes use of advanced algorithms to obtain facts approximately a player’s IP, username, geolocation, among other info. Also really worth bringing up is this Xbox IP Grabber, similar to resolver, supports twin networks – Wi-Fi and lane 6- as a consequence allowing for foolproof protocol monitoring.

Lance Remastered PCPS

If you’re searching out an Xbox IP grabber just like xResolver, take a look at our Lanc Remastered PCPS.

The packet evaluation and monitoring device without difficulty resolves Gamertags to IPs and springs with the benefit of common release updates, making it a very stable and reliable IP grabber.

Meaning you won’t need to fear approximately expensive premium packages. Also, the setup system within reason simple and clean. There are plenty of consumer publications with distinct setup instructions that will help you out. Be certain to check out if you want any help with the setup system. Lastly, the device is on the market online as well as offline. Meaning, a person can still accumulate the opponent’s data while gaming offline.


Optimize your recreation connections and growth your wins with Octosniff. Knowing your opponent has by no means been less difficult while gaming online. The IP sniffing device is compatible with Playstation, Xbox, among a host of different famous gaming consoles.

You may need to test them if you have to. Among different brilliant capabilities, Octosniff boasts packet filters, geo IP locator, IP to username characteristic, and DDoS protection research.

Xbox One Booter

While there are masses of Xbox IP grabbers much like xResolve, just a handful of those gear are regarded to execute offline boots further to grabbing gamer IP. Xbox One Booter is one such instance. Xbox One Booter is a powerful IP puller that makes use of layer four and 7 attacks to boot opponents offline and allow you computerized smooth wins.

Besides booting Xbox game enthusiasts offline and grabbing IPs, this device also gathers other sensitive gamer info. Some of the information pulled consists of geolocation, username, and city, amongst others. An important downside related to Xbox One Booter is that it isn’t well suited with different gaming consoles except for Xbox.

Xbox Replay

Xbox Replay is an unfastened home community tracking and packet identification device that makes it smooth to recognize fellow game enthusiasts. The IP grabber is like-minded with maximum gaming consoles. By using a complex set of algorithms for network monitoring and packet analysis, this web page makes retrieval of gamer IP, username, and geolocation remarkably smooth and simple.

Psycho Coding gathers and presentations, amongst other info, the opponent’s IP, username, geolocation, and ISP. That apart, it’s miles very smooth to get started on this platform. The setup procedure is effortless and straightforward. You may need to test out their setup tutorials if need be. One remaining aspect, the IP puller is like-minded with all the different gaming consoles except Xbox.

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