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The Secret Behind TikTok Algorithm 2021—Revealed!

So, you’re one of the 1.29 billion monthly active users on TikTok? You’ve probably realized by now that TikTok is one of the best places to be seen on the internet.

If you’re wanting to attract a following online, there’s no better place to do this than on TikTok.If you want to score droves of followers and raise the number of views that you’re getting on your videos, you’ll need to know how the TikTok algorithm works and how you can play it to your advantage.

There are frequent changes to the code that governs the popular social media app too, so what do you need to know about the new TikTok algorithm?

In this handy guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the 2021 TikTok algorithm update.

What Is the TikTok Algorithm?

If you’re not sure what the TikTok algorithm is, you’ve got some catching up to do. In a nutshell, the algorithm defines who sees your videos and when.

If a video from someone you don’t follow appears on the ‘for you page’, this is because the algorithm has deemed the content worthy of being viewed by a wider audience.

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work?

Your ‘for you page’ recommendations will be based on who you already follow, where you’ve commented, what videos you’ve already liked and shared, as well as the content that you’ve played right through to the end.

The clever code that runs behind the app is carefully considering what you might like to see next to keep you glued to your screen for longer.

How Can You Use the TikTok Algorithm to Work to Your Advantage?

If you want to get the algorithm to work in your favor as a creator, you’ll need to make short videos. Take advantage of trending effects, and use any trending sounds.

Keep an eye on popular hashtags and make use of them. Finally, post your content when you know people will be online. Evenings and weekends are likely to be a surefire goldmine for views.

How Else Can You Make It Big on TikTok?

There are lots of tricks and tips to help you make it big on TikTok. Firstly, make sure you’re creating great quality videos that people want to see.

Production values are important. Shaky, poorly shot videos that are hard to watch won’t do you any favors.

If you want to boost your views, you can even buy them. Get TikTok views here. By buying views and followers, you’ll give your videos and profile the appearance of credibility.

Don’t delete any old videos. The more videos you have on your profile, there more content there will be for people to watch.

Hard Work and Perseverance Will Get You Views

Finally, if you want to beat the TikTok algorithm and get plenty of views and followers, you need to consistently post lots of new content. That might seem like hard work, but that’s the price of TikTok fame.

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