Top Four Common types of Oilfield Equipment Suppliers

The oilfield industry is booming at its peak in the current world while petroleum has become one of the most important and highly valued commodities in the entire world. Given its essentiality, the equipment required to carry out the process must be bought from a reliable supplier. 

You will find several oilfield equipment suppliers in UAE, but in most cases, they do not tend to supply all the required equipment. Look out for these four common types of oilfield equipment before you finalize on any supplier. 

Trucks for Oilfields 

One of the most important pieces of equipment used in an oilfield is the trucks. An oilfield is usually spread over several acres of land. The laborers can’t carry each of them from one place to another since they are considerably heavy. 

This is when a truck comes in handy as it makes transportation and carrying easy. The most common type of truck used for this role is the winch trucks. 

Vacuum trucks are also used in oil fields but they are only needed while filtering the sludge from the fuel. 

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Solid Control equipment

Control equipment is the name given to a variety of machines like de-gassers, centrifuges, and de-sanders whose primary job is to segregate the oil from the debris and other sediments. This way, a section of processing the oil gets done at the site itself. 

Well Control equipment 

Well control equipment is used by the workers to maintain the smooth and safe extraction of the oil from deep inside the Earth. Few of the equipment that comes under their radar are closing units, kill manifolds, and blowout preventers. 

It also enables them to prevent any possible accident by stopping the process altogether. 

Drilling Rigs 

A drilling rig is equipment that is used to make wells for extracting oil from the ground. As you might understand, it is the most important equipment present in the entire oilfield because the main job is carried out by them. 

As you visit oilfield equipment suppliers, you will know that this one is the biggest of them all. It happens to be so huge that a drilling rig itself has several machines installed inside to maintain functionality. 

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