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8 reasons why cPanel is the best hosting panel

A cPanel has become a very popular web hosting control panel in today’s time. It is important for you to understand the benefits of cPanel before deciding on the best hosting panel. Since hosting and cheap cPanel can help or hurt your online presence depending upon what you choose.

Navicosoft has been serving the IT industry for a decade. We have always shown excellence in innovation to facilitate our customers in achieving their targets and overcome various hosting issues. We provide cPanel at very affordable rates.

These benefits will help you make the best use of it for your own advantage.

Best file manager

A cPanel is a great GUI-based file manager that offers the finest design and is very convenient to understand. You can use this file manager to download, upload, compress, delete, modify, and a lot else. The file manager of a cPanel is essential in providing you with a great experience.


One more reason which makes cPanel a good choice is that it loads much faster than others. Other control panels that you must have used in the past are comparatively slow. In short, the speed of a control panel is critical.

Simple and Easy user interface (UI)

The UI for web hosting and cheap cPanel is extremely easy to understand. Even if you have never used a web hosting control panel in the past, it will still be very convenient for you. It is one of the best features to use cPanel. Moreover, it also offers many themes, so you will have several options to choose from. You can fully customize themes to get them the way you want them to be, making it the best hosting panel.

Easy database creation

Another convenient feature of a cPanel is the access permissions, database creation, user creation, and much more. You would not have any problem performing these actions even if you are a beginner. In addition, PhpMyAdmin is also available, which is user-friendly and perfect for those who do not know about a web hosting control panel. Therefore, you can perform table-level operations without depending upon the DB administrator.

CPanel support forum

The cPanel forum provides you expert assistance from cPanel techs at no additional cost. It is very valuable, especially if your complex problem requires technical assistance. Furthermore, the forum has a good layout so that you don’t have any issue navigating it.

Built on Linux

The fact that cPanel is built on Linux makes it the best hosting panel for anyone. Programmers, experienced designers, and even business owners prefer Linux for their web solutions. It offers great flexibility as compared to other operating systems. Hence, if you enjoy Linux features, you will definitely want to try cPanel as well.


If you are looking for a secure web hosting control panel, support is a feature you will consider. Another reason for using a cPanel is that it offers excellent support whenever you need it.

Email functions

Hosting and cheap cPanel license offers numerous incredible advantages that can help you improve your overall email experience. You can easily create your own email accounts. In addition, you can add, modify or even remove your email accounts. The available options such as email forwarding, auto-response, change passwords, unwanted email blocking, and content filtering are other valuable features. Therefore, when it comes to email functions, cPanel is the best hosting panel.


Several people worldwide benefit from this web hosting and cheap cPanel daily, and you can get the same advantages as well. So, make sure to explore them before you decide what is suitable for you. As discussed control panel has a significant impact on a lot of things on your website. Overall, it is an incredible choice which is suitable for experts as well as beginners.

Navicosoft provides the best hosting and cheap cPanel services in the market. We are among the few companies with a 24/7 cPanel certified support team available to solve your hosting problems in minimal time. Our dedicated services help our clients transfer their cPanel license activation to all levels using this best hosting panel.

Navicosoft is a trustworthy company providing exceptional services. Our efforts and minimal cPanel pricing have increased our credibility over time. Primarily our cPanel certified support team distinguishes Navicosoft over its competitors

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