How to track business miles on iPhone in 2022

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The vast majority of our business activities are conducted using our iPhones, and it’s no wonder we’re able to accomplish our tasks while waiting in line, or even eating lunch. That’s why many entrepreneurs may ask themselves if mileage tracking on an iPhone is even possible. How to track business miles on iPhone in 2022?

Mileage tracking methods

There are a number of mileage tracking methods, and the way you choose depends on your personal preference. Tracking business miles traditionally with Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or other templates, or on paper doesn’t belong to time-efficient and flawless methods of tracking business miles. There isn’t only the time commitment of filling in the columns with all of the drivers’ data, but also the risk of potential conflicts, which can result in fines when your mileage log is subject to an IRS audit. 

You can track the miles of a number of drivers in a better way, saving you time and avoiding logical conflicts. Check the best mileage tracking apps and choose the mileage tracker app that meets all your requirements.

Mileage tracker apps: how to track miles on iPhone

It is important to realize there is no default mileage app for the iPhone when you are faced with the decision. It’s enough to search in the app store, and you will find a list of mileage trackers. Google Maps (of course not intended for the purpose, but still provides location history tracking), or an accidental free mileage tracker may not be able to provide all the functions your business needs. 

Your iPhone’s Health app, tracking your steps won’t also do the job of mileage log properly. That’s why to track mileage on iPhone, compare the selection of miles tracker app for iPhone and analyze the functions you may get.


MileageWise is the best tracker app iPhone may even imagine. Compared to the competition, it offers an impressive number of features. 

MileageWise mileage tracker app offers 3+1 auto-tracking functions, including Bluetooth auto-tracking, Plug ‘N’ Go auto tracking and vehicle internet marketing bizleads virtual summit movement monitoring. Using the app means no more worries about missing mileage logs, which may be rebuilt based on your clients’ locations and driving habits. 

MileageWise representatives are also ready to offer your business the service of creating mileage logs that are IRS-proof. See the advantages of using a mileage log book app over traditional, paper-based logbooks., and invest in MileageWise.

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