The Meta Crazy Lab: A New Collection, New Possibilities

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We are careful with our investments. We want them to be safe. For this reason, we choose fields that we know, such as real estate, works of art, gold, and foreign currencies. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer good opportunities. The barrier to entry is getting higher and higher. That makes it difficult to invest modest amounts of money.

Metaversum is an area, where investment markets are still young. Although you can hear of transactions for hundreds or thousands of dollars, lower amounts are in the majority. These small transactions can bring good profits in the long term perspective. For this reason, we would like to invite you to learn more about our new collection. The Meta Crazy Lab is a unique collection created based on authentic photos of a pup from Warsaw.

Snoopy G: An Inspiration For The Meta Crazy Lab Collection

Snoopy was a proud representative of Labrador Retrievers. Our adventure started when Snoopy was a fearless puppy. As years passed he grew up and became an adult. Even as an adult dog he never lost his joy in life and heart for long walks. Snoopy was our pet, friend, comrade. From time to time he did something wrong. Once, it was an eaten pillow. Other time a chewed trainer. Moreover, there were occasions when he didn’t smell nice. He hated baths. We experienced a lot together. Many of these moments we captured in photos. Now, based on these photos, we created unique tokens. We believe that our original collection will be very successful in the metaverse, and we want you to be a part of this success.

Have you already been interested in buying NFT tokens? Are you still seeking a collection worth your investment? Check The Meta Crazy Lab and learn that each token is something far more than just funny graphics.

Nine Gold and Three Special: Check Publication Plans Of The Meta Crazy Lab

The collection contains only 267 unique tokens. Each design is on the basis of real photos of Snoopy G. Firstly, we will lunch our gold series. It consists of nine unique gold tokens. In the collection, you will also find three special tokens. Collect them all, before other metaverse users do it for you.

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