Scrum vs SAFe: Key Differences That You Must Know

If the individuals are interested to learn more and more about the concept of SAFe versus scrum then being very much clear about the technicalities of both of these approaches is important. The productivity and the results-oriented approach is provided by both of these frameworks is very much important to be studied by people to ensure that they will always be on the right track to undertaking the best possible study of things.

Following are some of the very basic aspects which people need to study in the cases of scrum master certification so that they are very much clear about the basic differences between both of the concepts:

  • Basic meaning: Scrum is known as the lightweight scrum framework which will be capable of delivering the products of the highest possible value and in this particular case people also need to be very much clear about the adaptive manner systems to avoid any kind of chaos. With the help of CSM certification, people can very easily establish themselves as scrum master. On the other hand, SAFe is known as a popular free book that can be CSM Certification in London perfectly used in terms of implementing different practices of agile and will always make sure that the sustainability elements will be significantly present without any kind of chaos. Systems thinking, software development, and lean software development will be dealt with very easily in this particular case.
  • Structure of team and rules: In the cases of scrum there will be tentatively 7-11 members which would be including the main role of scrum master, product owner, and the development team. But on the other hand, in the cases of SAFe, there will be different roles and different kinds of levels in the form of program management, value stream engineer, solution architect, epic owners, release train engineer, and several other kinds of little things.
  • Dependency in the team: In the world of scrum generally the level of dependency will be lower in comparison to the SAFe. In scrum, the development team will be having the freedom of organizing themselves and managing the workload accordingly but on the other hand the cases of SAFe there will be a very high level of requirement in the whole process.
  • Timeframe: In the world of the scrum the product will be implanted within the sprint with an average length of 1-4 weeks. But whenever it comes to the world of SAFe the structure here will be including the two weeks cycle in which the plan to check to adjust the method will be perfectly followed in the whole process without any kind of doubt.
  • Aspects and features: In the world of scrum different kinds of aspects will be best but whenever it comes to the world of SAFe different kinds of features and organizational aspects can be managed very successfully. In the world of middle management will not be playing any kind of significant role through the sprint but in the world of SAFe, there will be two different formats of program and portfolio management.

Hence, being very much clear about the above-mentioned technicalities is important for people and further being clear about SAFe VS scrum is important to avoid any kind of chaos and become successful in the long run.

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