A Quick Guide to Mix-and-Matching Balloon and Flower Bouquets

As the summer is coming, we would all like to know what to do in the hot weather, especially if you are from Singapore. One of the most popular things that people do during the summer has a balloon and flower bouquet for their celebration event. But these days there are so many ways of doing it. For example, you can choose to have a balloon and flower bouquet with roses, asparagus or even eucalyptus flowers, or lavender flowers. You can have different combinations with different types of colors and shapes.

The first step in creating the perfect balloon and flower bouquet is deciding on the colors. There are a number of popular combinations that have worked for brides in the past, but they are by no means the only color schemes you can use. You can create something completely unique with your shades and combinations or tweak someone else’s idea to make it your own.

This article will cover some of the top color schemes and the best way to bring them all together, as well as some themes, including traditional, romantic, vintage, cool-a-palooza, and an ode to summer.

Here are some of the most popular color schemes for balloon and flower bouquets:

White and Black. This is the perfect balance of cool and warm colors that works great in a balloon bouquet. You can also use white or ivory for the balloon itself, which gives a more classic feel.

White and Orange. A warmer color combination that also has a vintage look, this can be great in a fall wedding as well as in summertime.

Black and Orange. An alternative to the combination above, this color scheme can also work great for fall or even winter, as well as for a vintage look in summer.

Red and Black. A mixture of hot and cool colors, you can use darker shades of red or orange, such as burgundy or rust, depending on the theme you are going for. You can also mix in a light pink to keep it fresh and romantic.

Silver and White/Ivory. Another popular color scheme for plants and flowers, many brides look to silver for the accent color in a bouquet. You can use a lighter shade of white for the balloon, or a more off-white color such as ivory.

Blue and White. A classic color combination that you can use in any season, this one will work great with a spring wedding or even as an alternative to black and white or orange and white.

Red and Pink. A great color scheme for a fall wedding or a Valentine’s Day event, you can use deeper shades of pink as the accent color instead of the traditional red.

Navy and White. Think “nautical” with this color scheme, particularly if you are planning a summer or nautical-themed wedding. You can also use nickel or pearl white for a more sophisticated look.

Orange and Pink. Another classic color combination that works great for a fall wedding or a springtime event, you can also use another shade of pink as the accent color.


Although there are many combinations that look great on their own, you can mix and match colors too if you are going for a more unique look.

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