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Streaming Devices That Support HBO Max

Streaming devices can complement your smart TVs, or make your regular on-smart TV capable of streaming on-demand titles. For streaming HBO Max, the streaming device must be compatible and let you download the app. Here are the top 3 streaming devices that support HBO Max. 

DirecTV Stream 

DirecTV Stream itself is a live TV streaming service that uses the internet rather than satellite. This service includes many packages and TV plans. Once you are subscribed to a DirecTV Stream plan, you can then add a $5/month DirecTV Stream device to the whole experience. 

The device is quite versatile and comes with many valuable features. For starters, you must know that the majority of the DirecTV Stream Packages that you would be subscribed to, will have a free HBO Max subscription included in them. The device, therefore, has full support for the HBO Max app, and also other platforms like Netflix and Hulu. 

All you need is AT&T internet to be able to stream on-demand titles. The best part, and something that is also exclusive to DirecTV Stream devices, is that you can add AT&T bundles to it. Resultantly, all your bills will be streamlined with just 1 provider. You will also feel less hassle when needing technical support. AT&T internet prices are affordable and have multiple speed tiers to choose from. This can give you a one-stop solution for both entertainment and communication services. 

Here are some important features of the DirecTV Stream device

  • It comes with a universal remote control. The remote has voice-controls and can be programmed to be used on any regular TV as well.
  • The device runs on the new Android TV OS. 
  • Its DirecTV Stream app interface is very easy to use and sophisticated. You can stream the app on up to 20 devices at a time!
  • You get hours of DVR recordings, so you don’t miss out on exclusive Live content. 
  • You can add an endless number of international content to your package. It also has the best variety of regional sports networks, ideal for sports fans. 

The Suddenlink Stream is another streaming device that you can get with an internet and TV provider. The device comes at $5 a month, or for free if you subscribe to select Suddenlink packages. The streaming device is one of its kind, with many features including support for HBO Max in it. 

For starters, the device comes with a voice-enabled remote control. It also has a dedicated button to Netflix, so you can launch the app almost instantly. Apps like Netflix and HBO Max come pre-installed on the device. All you need to do is plug in the device, launch the app and log in with your credentials. The device itself has a library of 50+ live TV channels, which is great for cord-cutters too. 

You can either opt for the Suddenlink gigabit internet offer to get the device for free or add it to any plan at just $5 a month. Lastly, the most notable part is that all Suddenlink internet plans come with a free subscription to HBO Max. You can use HBO Max with your Suddenlink credentials for 3, 6, or 12 months, varying based on your subscribed plan. 

Chromecast with Google TV

The Chromecast did not come with any interface or remote control of its own before. However, the new Chromecast with Google TV comes with a sleek and sturdy remote control of its own and also a very smooth interface. You would need a laptop, mobile, or tablet to provide apps to the original Chromecast before. But in this new and improved streaming device, it’s fully independent. It is compatible with HBO Max and lets you download it instantly and start streaming. 

The biggest highlight of this streaming device is that it can let you watch content in 4K! It also has a much more improved Android TV version with built-in Google Assistant in the remote. So, just your voice commands should be enough to manage the whole streaming device. 

This standalone streaming device now also has support for Apple TV Plus! Some other apps that you can download and use with this streaming device include Peacock TV and Disney. 

Bottom Line

There are plenty of streaming devices available in the market but not each of them is worthy of your money. If you are looking for a device that can support your HBO Max streaming, then a TV provider’s streaming device such as the DirecTV Stream device is a good option. This is because these devices come with the app either pre-installed or include a package that gives you free access to the streaming service. 

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