Electric Scooters For Kids: Are They Safe?

Electric scooters have become a new fascination for kids nowadays. Your kids may also want to ride on electric scooters. Yet, as a parent, it is normal for you to worry.

You may have some questions regarding the safety of using electric scooters. Here, we will try to remove your confusion about this matter. If you want to purchase an electric scooter for kids, you can go there like me.

Factors that determine whether electric scooters are safe for kids or not:

Every kid is unique. Hence, their behavior also differs from each other. Mainly, those behaviors, along with some other factors, determine whether scooters are safe to use or not.

Now we will discuss those factors.

1) Your kid

Your kid’s nature is the most crucial factor to consider before buying a scooter. You have to determine whether your kids have maturity compared to their age level.

Besides that, you have to evaluate your kids’ skill level along with their body size.

As a parent, you closely need to observe

The attitude of your kids when they ride on a scooter. Your kids may become different people when riding on an e scooter at the highest speed.

They should calmly explain to them the danger of operating a scooter irresponsibly.

If your child has some bike riding skills, they will have an easier time learning about riding on scooters.

If your child has too much energy and loves to take risks, then you should buy a slower scooter.

You need to observe whether your kids love to perform any risky stunt to impress their peers.

It all depends on your child. If your children are calm and mature, you should not hesitate to buy an electric scooter. Your child’s attitude will give you a clue about what kind of electric scooter you should buy for them. After selecting the right scooter, you will not stress your kid’s safety.

2) Size of scooter:

The size of the electric scooter is a vital factor to contemplate before getting an electric scooter for kids. Parents often get attracted by the features and design of the scooter. As a result, they buy a big size scooter for their kids.

You should not purchase an electric scooter that is not suitable for the body structure of your kids. Your kid will not be able to operate the big scooter properly. The big electric scooter may also result in an accident for your kids.

For small-sized kids, light, and small electric scooters will be most suitable. It would help if you also examined the handlebars height, dimensions of the standing deck of scooters. The size of the scooter seat is also worthy of your attention.  

Many people buy bigger scooters after considering the future growth of the child. Nevertheless,  you need your children to be confident about their abilities. Kids will feel less sure about themselves when they fail to operate big-size electric scooters at first.

3) Controls of electric scooter:

It is one of the crucial factors to consider when you think about the safety of your kids. Your kids first need to know how to utilize electric machines before going to crowded streets.

Suppose your kids can’t handily and comfortably operate the scooter. In that case, an electric scooter may not be a safe option for your kid.

If they can’t comfortably operate the scooter, they may be overwhelmed by heavy traffic.

Your child may stop riding on an electric scooter out of the fear of failure. As a parent, you should carefully observe, if possible, participate in their learning process.

If they feel nervous about going into the street, then assist them in learning in your backyard. Helping your kids learn about e-scooter learning will also improve your bonding with them.

4) Footwear rules for e-scooter:

Your kid should know about the footwear rules for e-scooter. For example, they should not ride on the scooter by wearing slippers. Your kid should always wear shoes or sneakers while riding on an electric scooter.

Shoes, sneakers are ideal for riders of electric scooters. Shoes and sneakers provide the necessary grip to riders that deter them from falling.

You should check whether they wear shoes correctly or not. Even a minor mistake like a shoelace can cause your child to lose control over the electric scooter.

5) Rules for traffic safety:

It would help if you also made your kid familiar with rules for traffic safety. It will help your kid to navigate correctly in heavy traffic.

They should know some basic rules –

I) Like they should cross a busy street by pushing their electric scooter.

ii) They should choose a bicycle path for riding on the scooter

iii) They should always watch out for cars when they are riding.

It would be best if you discussed those rules with your kids. If you patiently explain those rules to your kids, they will take them seriously.


In a nutshell, we can say that an electric scooter is safe for your kids if you and your kids consider some factors. If your child has a steady attitude, then you should not worry about buying an e-scooter

You should carefully explain the learning process to them. Your teaching will help your kid explore a new adventure while riding on the scooter.

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