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3 Major Reasons to Use Instagram Direct Messaging

If you use Instagram to market your brand and business, you should also be using Instagram’s direct messages to connect with your followers. Do you work to check and manage your Instagram messaging inbox? If not, you could be losing out on tons of great benefits for your business.

To learn more about using Instagram direct messaging to connect with your target audience, keep reading. In this guide, we will let you in on how connecting with your followers via DM can help to improve your overall online presence, your customer loyalty, and more.

1. Connect With Your Customer

When it comes to building an online community around your brand, you need to make sure that engagement on social media channels like Instagram is a two-way street. Direct messaging is a great tool for strengthening this connection with your customers, both old and new. By showing that you are keeping up with what customers have to say, you are showing them that you care by giving them individualized attention.

Whatever your follower’s motivation is for reaching out, showing that your brand listens, responds, and takes action will show your customers that you care about what they have to say, regardless of whether the feedback is good or bad. This allows you to take the extra step to provide your customers with a platform in which they can get to know your brand.

2. Allows for Customer Support Opportunities

Offering your customer a great experience and support where they need it is a must for retaining them and keeping them coming back for more. Your Instagram direct messaging can be a great tool for providing customers with whatever support or answers they need to purchase and shop with you. Many businesses use Instagram as a tool for allowing online users to shop their products straight from the app with total ease.

If you use this platform to sell your products or services, making sure to consistently manage and react to your direct messages is a must. This allows you to provide customers answers to questions or concerns that they may have that are keeping them from completing a purchase with you. Answering these questions can lead them further down your sales funnel, allowing you higher conversion rates.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

When you offer such a direct method of engagement with your following, you allow for increased levels of loyalty from your customers. Customers will feel that they can trust your brand as a solution, as you are there to assist them whenever they need it. The better you make your engagement and customer service strategy, the better chances you have at building a dedicated following and customer base.

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Instagram Direct Messaging: A Must for Businesses

If you want to receive the perks mentioned above, make sure that you are using Instagram direct messaging to engage with your customers.

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