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How to Create a Sumptuous Instagram Video

Did you know that 54 percent of consumers are wanting to see more video content from the brands and businesses they support? Considering that Instagram now has over one billion users, it would be wise to take advantage of its video-sharing services.

Several businesses are using Instagram video content in their marketing with great results. And if you can create engaging content, you could see your business thrive significantly.

If you want to take advantage of Instagram’s wide reach with captivating videos, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some Instagram video tips to help draw consumers to your business.

Ways To Use Instagram Video

There are various ways to use Instagram videos for your business. Some options you have to include using the stories feature and making use of the recently added Reels feature.

Instagram Stories

Introduced in 2016, stories have become so popular on Instagram that normal feed posts are declining year after year. Certain features within stories are incredible for customer engagement. Examples include poll stickers and question stickers.

Poll stickers can be used to learn what sort of preferences or opinions your consumers have regarding your products. Question stickers invite your consumers into a conversation to learn more about your brand and products. This is excellent in creating a personable connection between your business and your consumers.

Stories are popular, and that allows for great customer engagement. It is for the good of your business to take advantage of the benefits of Instagram stories.

Using Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels works in a format like TikTok. It allows you to create short videos and post them on Instagram’s social media platform. There are several ways businesses can make great use of Reels.

For instance, you can create videos showcasing products Or share some interesting behind-the-scenes footage of your production process. You could also interview customers who have had positive experiences with your product.

Make Your Videos Captivating

Your consumers want to see the real effort and they want to be caught up in your brand’s story that you are telling on Instagram. So you need to make your content professional and captivating.

Montages and slideshows are known to have a captivating appeal. Using a video joiner software like Adobe Spark allows you to easily merge video clips together to create compelling montages. You can merge videos of customers reviews together, or merge those views with product demonstration footage.

Software like this is easy and affordable to use. You can create truly compelling content that will draw excellent attention to your business.

Learn More Instagram Video Hacks

Now you know about some of your Instagram video options as well as how to create compelling content when utilizing those features. Follow these tips, and you could draw many loyal consumers to your business.

More more Instagram video hacks, visit the Social Media section of our site. You’ll learn more about Instagram video as well as other Instagram marketing strategies. Check it out today.

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