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5 Trending Tags on Instagram to Get You More Likes and Followers

Active social media users increased by 9% over the last year to 3.8 billion worldwide. If it wasn’t clear to businesses that they need to up their social media marketing game, it is now.

Mainstream social media platforms have enjoyed growing user bases for years. Like all megatrends, everybody and their brother wants in on the cash fall market. With popularity comes competition and what has worked in the past might not be near as effective these days.

Are you looking for hashtags to try in your latest strategy? Trending tags on Instagram are a good reference point for where Instagram users find their content and what they are interested in. Keep reading for some hashtag suggestions that will help you get likes and be liked by more content-eating Instagram users.

1. #swag

The younger generation, which rightly claims the lion’s share of social media users, will tell you – it’s all about the swag these days. In case you were unaware of the meaning of this relatively new slang, swag basically means you are a part of or stand for some ideal, style, attitude, or popular culture.

2. #lol

Everyone likes to laugh. This popular hashtag, which stands for “laughing out loud”, promises just that – a laugh. Creating content that will get more Instagram likes is not just about popular topics but popular feelings that tie us all together as humans.

Adding a humorous spin to your social media content is a surefire way to appeal to more people. The good news here is that having a sense of humor applies to nearly every topic out there.

3. #gogreen

Who says the Hippie movement is dead? While tie-dye and bell-bottoms might not be in style anymore, tree-hugging is making a comeback. If you can tie in this trendy conversation point to your brand, the more passionate of users will surely smash a like for you.

4. #yum

We all gotta eat, right? Foodies, people that love food culture, are always willing to like an Instagram post that appeals to their appetite. You could get away with using this tag and get a higher rating by simply adding some yum food to whatever else you are promoting on your channel.

5. #DIY

Last but not least, the amazing rise of the do-it-yourself mentality. One of the most popular answers to “where do you learn new skills” is “on social media.” If you are hitting the right audience and they are interested in the topic, furthering their abilities to do the same by teaching them “how to do” or “how to do better” will earn you likes.

Go Viral With Trending Tags on Instagram

The so-called secret to success on Instagram is really not that complicated. If you want more likes, give the people in your target market what they like. Adapt your content to include more popular and trendy topics to appeal to a larger group.

If you use trending tags on Instagram to help wondering Instagram users find what is relevant to their lifestyle, mood, style, and interests – naturally they are more likely to follow you for more and give you a like on that post and hopefully posts to come as they grow loyal to your channel. For more golden advice, keep reading our blog.

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