7 Proven Fortnite Strategies For Victory

Players across the globe are excited about playing the latest Fortnite version called Chapter 2, Season 8 – Cubed. The popularity of this game is remarkable and continues to grow as the developers come up with more innovative maps and playing options to keep gamers hooked.

But, with so many players providing stiff competition, how do you earn the number one spot in a game? You’re up against ninety-nine other players each time, making it challenging to be the last person standing. The good news is it can help to learn some Fortnite strategies that can leave your opponents wondering how you just knocked them out of the match.

Let’s dive in and learn how to get that coveted Victory Royale spot.

1. Watch the Storm

One of the most crucial Fortnite gaming tips is to know where the storm is so you don’t take unnecessary damage. The key is to stay in the eye of the storm, but this is not as easy as it sounds. The storm closes in at regular intervals, meaning you have to keep moving to stay in the center.

You may get lucky and be in the eye for a long time, but it can be challenging to survive if you get caught in the storm. It moves quickly, and your health stats get lower the longer you are in the harmful section. This makes it easier for opponents to take you out when they hit you.

2. Collect and Build

You can destroy parts of the Fortnite environment such as trees, rocks, and buildings to scavenge for materials. Using these to build structures can provide you with cover from enemy attacks. You can also use materials to build upwards so you can take the high ground. This can give you a better chance of taking out an enemy using a long-range weapon such as a sniper rifle.

You can spend time practicing the building controls depending on which type of device you are using. As you get more comfortable with building, you’ll be able to do it more quickly. While many gamers play Fortnite on the Xbox and Playstation platforms, you can also play Fortnite on a Mac.

This will be an earlier version than the latest release due to a dispute between Epic Games and Apple. You can search for the game on a site such as

3. Learn from Other Competitors

Every player will use different Fortnite gaming strategies, and you can use this knowledge to your advantage. When an opponent eliminates your character, you can automatically watch the game from their viewpoint. Should another player eliminate that person, the view automatically switches to the surviving character’s perspective.

Rather than starting a new game as soon as you are defeated, hang around a bit longer and watch how other people play the game. You could learn some brilliant techniques that you can apply to your own strategies.

4. Add to Your Weapon Collection

You start each game with an ax, but this does not deal much damage and involves getting very close to opponents that you want to eliminate. The first thing to do is to find a gun. This allows you to keep a long distance from other players, and you can then go off in search of more weapons.

Try to choose different weapon types as this makes you more effective in a variety of situations. For example, a shotgun is a great gun to have when in close-quarters combat. But, if you can see an opponent in the distance, you stand a better chance of hitting them when using a sniper rifle.

When you eliminate a player, don’t forget to search their loot in case they have a better weapon than yours. You may also find vital items such as a health pack that can increase your chances of reaching the later stages of the game.

5. Time Your Attacks Carefully

When considering how to win at Fortnite, it can be tempting to go on the attack every time you come across an enemy. But, this could be dangerous and lead to an early exit from the game. Sometimes, it is helpful to hold back and time your attack to get the best results.

For example, if you see two opponents battling each other, think about waiting until one of them eliminates the other. Now you only have one person to fight instead of two. In addition, the player still in the game may have suffered damage and will have less health to fend off your attacks.

This approach can also be helpful if you identify a gamer that is playing at a really high level. Rather than taking them on, why not see if someone else can eliminate them? You can then attempt to beat the winner of that battle towards the end of the game.

6. Make Use of Vehicles

Vehicles offer a faster way to move across the map than sprinting. This can be a massive help when you are under attack and need to make a quick getaway. But, vehicles can also be useful when you are caught in the storm or are trying to reach a destination such as a higher vantage point.

You can find vehicles at different points around the map. They are a lot of fun to drive and make a nice change from running everywhere.

7. Know When to Take a Break

Don’t forget that winning at Fortnite is not the sole aim of the game. There are lots of people in every match, and only one player can get the top spot. It is easy to become immersed in the gameplay and become frustrated when you get eliminated many times.

But, this is simply part of the game, and you should enjoy exploring the map and trying new methods of defeating your opponents. Take a break every so often, and come back with a fresh mind. A win might happen sooner than you think.

Keep Practicing to Perfect Your Fortnite Strategies

Adding some clever Fortnite strategies to your game plan can help you get a better placing and maybe even get that number one position. Don’t become frustrated if it takes time to improve; remember, many other players are trying to get a Victory Royale themselves.

Simply relax and enjoy playing one of the world’s most popular games!

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