The Ultimate Guide to Goalkeeper Clothing

The goalkeeper is unlike any other player on a football team. While everyone else is trying to get the ball into the net, goalkeepers are trying to stop that from happening.

But it’s not only your position or that you can use your hands that makes you stand out. It’s also goalkeeper clothing. At Just Keepers, you can get everything you need, down to the most basic accessories.

The Base Layer

Unlike other members of the team, a goalkeeper doesn’t have to run or chase after the ball. However, once they’re called into action, their job is crucial. To make saves in any weather condition will be much easier with padded base layer clothing.

At Just Keepers, customers can find the best padded clothing on the market. Nike Dry Gardien pants, for example, are minimalistic, comfortable, and feature excellent sweat-wicking properties.

The same applies to Uhlsport Bionikframe long tights made from innovative material optimised for flexibility. You can also protect your torso with a sleeveless Storelli BodyShield undershirt which is impact-resistant and wicks the moisture away efficiently. This undershirt is also available with long sleeves and matching sliders.

The Jerseys

The goalkeeper’s jersey is more than a piece of clothing. Keepers typically wear long sleeves and distinguishing colours during the game.

Picking a jersey that matches your taste and maximises your performance is essential. The Just Keepers jersey offer is impressive and features Adidas, Puma, Uhlsport, Nike, HO Soccer, Storelli, and a few other big names in the industry.

The Adidas Condivo line, in particular, offers the traditional jersey style. The quality is fantastic, and the price is not over the top.

The Nike Gardien long sleeve jerseys fall into the same category but offer a slim fit for a tailored feel. These jerseys are available in several neon colours and in short sleeves too.

The Trousers

Unless it’s a game day, wearing goalkeeper trousers makes sense. The padded trousers, especially, are incredibly useful for keeping your body comfortable and safe.

Reusch Contest 3/4 Goalkeeper pants are the perfect example. If you need trousers that will allow a full range of motion while protecting your knees and hips from bruising, consider Reusch Contest.

However, if you’re looking for trousers that offer a more casual feel, you could wear for leisure purposes, not just on the field, Uhlsport Standard pants are the perfect option.

The Football Socks

Most athletes have to worry about the health of their feet, but for football players, that’s the top priority. Football socks are one of the most important items of perfect goalkeeper clothing. They absorb shock, help with temperature control, and keep the feet dry and comfortable.

At Just Keepers, you can find several types of knee-high football socks, crew, and no-show training socks for everyday use. The Nike Matchfit Socks are the perfect example of socks that offer arch support and an excellent fit.

Both left and right feet have cushioned footbeds for better comfort. They’re also available in several gorgeous colours that you can match with your jersey.

The Training Jackets

When the weather turns cold, training sessions become more challenging. That’s why wearing the right jacket can make all the difference. Stanno makes some of the best goalkeeper training warm-up jackets.

Their 100% polyester water-repellent jacket features traditional style and design and matches nearly any jersey or trousers. It also has a mesh liner for more breathability and elastic cuffs for extra comfort.

The HO Soccer padded training jacket delivers a more modern look and padding on the elbows and shoulders.

The 100% nylon keeps you dry when it’s raining and ensures you sweat less during those summer days. The zip closure on the neck offers more convenience, and the lime colour details on the mostly black jacket are a great touch.

Choosing Your Goalkeeper Apparel

Some goalkeeper clothing is optional, such as hats and other accessories, but some items are entirely essential.

Padded base layer clothing and goalkeeping apparel are inseparable. It’s not just about staying warm but avoiding injury too. Picking the jersey is also incredibly important, and, thankfully, there are so many goalkeeper clothing options at Just Keepers.

Your goalkeeper trousers, socks, and jackets will further protect you during a harsher climate and ensure your performance doesn’t suffer.

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