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Big Show Career & Net Worth

Full NamePaul Donald Wight II
Age49 Years
ResidenceTampa, Florida
Net Worth$16 Million
Source of IncomeProfessional Wrestling, Movies and TV Actor
EndorsementsWWE Merchandise
CharitySpecial Olympics, Connor’s Cure
Marital StatusMarried to Bess Katramados (2002 – Present)

Big Show Career & Net Worth

Big Show 1st introduction to the wrestling giants was via a court game. He was invited by Danny Bonaduce and Hulk Hogan WHO admired the manner he might work for the gang and pitched the thought of him as an expert grappler to Eric Bischoff, the then vice-chairman of World Championship Wrestling. He was at the start turned down by WWE thanks to the shortage of expertise however WCW gave him a chance to prove himself. He signed the deal once he 1st visited watch the show live and met Ric aptitude, Arn Anderson (his childhood hero), and Paul Orndorff. He was extremely underestimated and his debut in WCW caused WWE to regret their call.

Big Show joined AEW on 24 February 2021.

His 1st title rivalry within the WWE was for WWF Championship against the skilled worker. Show and skilled worker wrestled during a good match that was stopped by the referees once the 2 had savagely attacked one another. As a result, The Deadman need to keep his title. shortly at that time, each massive Show and also the skilled worker teamed up to require on X-Pac and Kane. curiously, massive Show won the WWF Tag Team Title double with the skilled worker as his partner.


Big Banter
Big Nasty Bastard
The Extreme big
The Greatest big of All Time
The Showster
The World’s Largest contestant

Early Lif

Paul Donald Wight II was born on February eighth of 1972 in Conrad Aiken, South geographic region. Early in Paul’s youth, it became clear that the boy was littered with acromegalia, associate degree endocrine disorder. As a result of this disorder, Paul reached the peak of 6’2 by the age of twelve. By the time he was nineteen, he had fully grown to a height of 7’1. within the early 90s, he underwent surgery on his ductless gland to correct the disorder. This halted the progress of his condition, and it restricted the quantity of growth he would expertise within the future.
During his high school years, Wight contend soccer and basketball. He was a gifted center on the court and a decent endwise in the playing area. once a dispute with the manager, Paul quit the team to become a cheerleader. He later referred to as this “the greatest expertise of his life.” once graduating from high school, Wight attended Wichita State University. throughout his school years, Paul contends basketball for Wichita State and later Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Wrestling Career

While still a student, Wight worked variety of strange jobs. These enclosed bouncing, bounty looking, and responsive phone calls. one in all these jobs allowed Wight to satisfy Hulk Hogan, WHO promptly suggested Paul to the WCW. once meeting Ric aptitude, Arn Anderson, and Paul Orndorff, Wight signed a touch upon the WCW. He additionally tried to sign a touch upon the WWF, though he was turned away thanks to lack of expertise. once massive Show created his entry within the WCW, the WWF right away recognized their mistake, regretting the choice to show him down.
Wight was 1st beaked because the son of Andre the enormous throughout his 1st appearances with the WCW within the mid-90s. He additionally started mistreatment the ring name the enormous throughout this era. one in all his 1st matches was against Hulk Hogan. variety of Battle Royale and cage matches more cemented massive Show’s name. till the late 90s, massive Show was a notable member of the New World Order team.

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