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One Piece filler Episodes list 2021

The main character of the series is Monkey D Luffy, A boy WHO is on an associate journey to search out the treasure “One Piece” to become a successive Pirates King. once ingestion the Devil fruit Paramecia, he gained rubber powers inside his body.

More than 900 episodes supported totally different sagas and arcs square measure ventilated by the Toei Animations together with each Manga-based and conjointly contains a less quantity one-piece filler list. A one-piece filler list contains a lower range of filler episodes compared to others.

What square measures the fillers?

The filler is that the non-canon materials added inside the series solely should contain associate arc or adventure story or numbers of episodes. Fillers square measure won’t to growing the main-storyline clearly. each visually and narratively fillers square measure lower in quality that’s why some individuals wish to skip them. however not all fillers square measure dangerous, it would have a large fan following. it’s created to surpass the Manga.

This guide is concerning the One Piece filler list, therefore you’ll be able to conclude what episodes square measure there in the One Piece filler list, and skip his to induce if you would like original canon content.

How much filler is One Piece?

One Piece is one of the foremost renowned anime series. Despite being one of the foremost superb series, One Piece conjointly contains filler episodes. however, the One Piece filler list incorporates a not up to a rate concerning St Martin’s Day. one-piece series contains over 900 episodes, and, amazingly, the One Piece filler list is contained solely 103 episodes.

Filler episodes aren’t as dangerous within the One Piece. there’s conjointly a large quantity of fan following of arcs in the One Piece filler list. however there’s conjointly the community of those who don’t wish to ascertain these filler episodes as a result of they require original manga content, they require to skip filler list whether or not it’s One Piece filler list or different anime. In fact, they need a fever of Manga.

That’s why we tend to create a One Piece filler list for you therefore you’ll be able to select what episodes square measure there in One Piece that square measure marked filler and skip them.

One Piece filler list:

Following is that the One Piece filler list (pure filler) therefore you’ll be able to check them out and skip them.
Filler episodes in genus Apis Arc: There square measure eight episodes during this arc from Ep fifty-four –Ep sixty-one. genus Apis arc is additionally named as a military vehicle
Island Arc. during this arc, Luffy saved a bit lady name genus Apis from the Marines and conjointly helped her dragon to fly once more.

After Alabasta filler list: This arc added five episodes within the One Piece filler list, from 131-135. this is often the post arc once the crocodilian is defeated by Luffy and therefore the kingdom named Alabasta was saved by him.
Goat Island Arc: Right once Alabasta Arc, the One Piece filler list is once more started from the goat arc (ep 136-138). These filler episodes square measure concerning the goat associated a previous man. Luffy helped the previous man to induce eliminate the marines WHO wish to attack his goat. In fact, the goat was everything thereto previous man, and Luffy saved that poor goat.

Filler episodes supported Rainbow Mist Arc: This arc contains filler episodes from Ep 139-143. Episodes during this arc square measure all concerning the land Ruluka. associate previous man was making an attempt to decipher the data concerning the rainbow mist to save lots of his childhood friend unfree in it. however the straw-hat pirate desires to rule on the land.

G8 ARC : (After skype): Luffy and his crew were making an attempt to flee the marine base wherever they were accidentally unfree because of the falling of the ship. They were active at varied places to save lots of their lives from the marines, Luffy conjointly desires to save lots of Merry before going out. This arc is choked with thrill and is predicated on twelve episodes in addition to the one-piece filler list from Episode 196-206.

Competition between cunning and straw hat: This arc is predicated on the battle between cunning pirates and straw-hat pirates. once returning, cunning pirates begin the competition against skimmer and defeat. This arc contains episodes from 225 –226.
Hunters on the ice Land: The story of this arc is concerning the individuals living on the ice land, they hunt pirates and take their flags. Aquino’s family attacks the straw hats ships and takes their flag. The flag was taken back by the crew while not Luffy aiming to understand it. This arc took eleven episodes 326-335. this is often a simple eleven more-episode addition to the One Piece filler list.

Should you watch One Piece filler episodes?

To be honest, it’s up to you whether or not you would like to observe it or not, however if you’re the one that is observation One Piece for the primary time, it’s extremely onerous for you to differentiate between filler and canon, you’ll notice that the episode you watched was filler once observation it that’s why I mentioned the One Piece filler list in details on top of. however if you’re observation the One Piece, you notice that it’s fascinating and you’ll undoubtedly return to observe non-canon episodes too.

In my opinion, you ought to not skip any episode of 1 Piece, it contains several fascinating arcs whether or not it’s from One Piece filler list or canon each square measure superb and you’ll fancy it. The non-canons arcs like G-8 arc, the hunters’ arc, Ceasar Retrieval, and acid king, conjointly mentioned within the One Piece filler list section, square measure value observation and choked with thrillers, actions, and excitements, you ought to not miss it.
Despite One Piece filler list that is pure filler there also are mixed fillers in One Piece. Below is that the description of mixed fillers.

Just Fillers:

Episode 54-61, 98-99, 101-102, 131-143, 196-206, 220-226, 279-283, 291-292, 303, 317-319, 326-336, 382-384, 406-407, 426-429, 457-458, 492, 542, 575-578, 590, 626-628, 747-750, 775, 780-782, 807, 881 and scenes from 895-896.
Scene 907 is that the most up-to-date filler scene within the arrangement.

Ordinance Mixed with Fillers:

Episode 1, 34, 46-47, 68-69, 96-97, 100, 227, 354, 421, 425, 488-489, 510, 520, 536, 551, 574, 625, 633, 653, 657, 679, 690, 731, 751, 771, 777-778, 783, 787-789, 793, 798-803, 810, 816, 820-822, 825-826, 830, 835, 838-839, 841-842, 846, 849-850, 853, 855, 859, 863, 868, 872-873, 878-879, 882-885, 887-890, 898, 902, 910, 912, 914-915, 917, 924, and scene 934.
The remaining scenes square measure ordinance and go as per the manga plot.
You can likewise registration the Shippuden filler list

One Piece Filler List (anime control)

Apis Arc (Episodes 54–61)

It is otherwise referred to as war vessel Island Arc. during this circular phase, Luffy and cluster facilitate a missy named genus Apis and his companion Dragon Ryuji to fly once more and spared them from marines. This bend features a total of eight scenes from fifty-four to sixty-one.

After the Alabasta curve (Episodes 131–135)

This curve begins once Luffy crushed crocodilian and spared the Alabasta realm from his dominance. i like to recommend you ought to watch these scenes as they’re known with Luffy.

Goat (Episode 136-138)

Just once scene one hundred thirty-five, their square measure alternative filler scenes of AN senior person and his goat. This goat is everything for the senior person. Be that because it could, marines likewise would like this Goat. Luffy encourages this senior person to spare his goat.

Rainbow Mist bend (Episode 139-143)

Straw cap privateer’s boat halted at AN island named Ruluka. wherever AN senior person making an attempt to urge knowledge regarding the closemouthed frame of reference rainbow fog wherever his beloved companion’s square measure caught.
However, a malevolent previous privateer and his grandchild would like one thing completely different from this. This curve happens from scenes 139 to 143.

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