When to Change Car Timing Belt?

Time for car timing belt substitution, apart from understanding the right, it is also essential for you to be conscious of whether your engine is considered an obstruction engine or not. These two pieces of information can at least protect you from unexpected breakdowns and from paying huge bucks for repairs.

With the support of the timing belt, the synchronization between two internal engine parts such as the camshaft and the crank is accomplished. The valves open and close in closeness to the pistons, when these two components move. If the timing belt bounces a tooth on the sprocket on which it travels or the belt fails, this includes an interference engine because the valves and pistons will “disturb” each other. This crash takes a huge toll on the engine. The cost of repair frequently exceeds the car’s value, on older vehicles. Meanwhile, a car whose engine is not designed this way will lose power or not start. It is something that is still better avoided if possible, this seems more attractive than paying massive bucks for repair.

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  • Ignore the recommended replacement period, if your car is leaking any kind of fluid that might destroy the belt—which is between 50,000 and 90,000 miles—and have the belt switched as soon as possible.
  • Power loss, fuel economy loss, engine vibration, and misfiring are other signs that your timing belt requires replacement.
  • You do not know its repair history if you have a second-hand car and, favor to be on the safe side by enchanting it to a reliable auto care center for timing belt replacement.
  • It is a given that timing belt replacement can be very labor exhaustive. It is essential to ponder pump replacement at the same time even if it does not leak since the water pump is usually accessed in the same operation. This way, you will be able to save money on labor and prevent a pump replacement later that will also need the belt to be substituted again.
  • It is also important to supplant sprockets and tensioners that are part of the timing belt system, to avoid subsequent failure. Sometimes, timing belt parts are bought as a kit can be cheaper than buying them independently.
  • Accordingly, to protect your investment, service periods must be supported and sustain your warranty’s reliability, when it occurs to a timing belt replacement.


A person should consider certain things that show that they should change the Car Timing Belt. If your car is leaking any kind of fluid that might destroy the belt, power loss, fuel economy loss are signs that a person should change the Timing Belt to avoid accidents and damage.

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