Key features of Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon steel pipes are made of carbon steel which is an iron and carbon alloy. It is made up of 2.1 wt.% carbon. Carbon steel pipe suppliers put these pipes under three major categories.

They are Low carbon steel pipes, medium carbon steel pipes, and high carbon steel pipes. Below we are going to discuss these three categories in detail and their features.

Low carbon steel pipes

Low carbon steel pipes are the most preferred and used mainly among different kinds of steel pipes. These steel pipes contain a carbon content of 0.25 wt. % or less. Unlike other carbon steel pipes, which can be hardened by giving heat treatment, these can not.

On the contrary, these pipes can be hardened by going under cold treatment. One of the main features of low carbon steel pipes is that they are softer and have low strength as compared to other steel pipes.

But the features that make them highly used and the perfect match for connecting and welding are their low cost, high ductility, and high reliability.

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Medium Carbon Steel pipes

These pipes have a carbon content of more than 0.25% but less than 0.60 wt. %. Apart from carbon, they also have manganese content which varies from 0.60 to 1.65 wt percent.

The features of medium carbon steel pipes include better treatment of heat as compared to low carbon steel pipes. They follow the process of heat treatment that involves austenitizing, quenching, tempering, and lastly, give it a look of martin septic microstructure.

For hardening the pipe, these pipes go through heat treatment. Because the heat treatment can be performed only on the thin sections of the pipe, additional alloy elements like nickel, molybdenum, chromium, etc., are used so that the pipe’s ability to cope with the heat treatment increases.

Medium carbon steel pipes are ductile in nature and are tough as compared to low carbon steel pipes.

High carbon steel pipe

High carbon steel pipes have a carbon content that is more than 0.60 % but is less than 1.2 wt percent. Similar to medium carbon steel pipe, this also has manganese content which lies between 0.30% to 0.19 wt present.

Among the three kinds of pipes, that is, low, medium, and high carbon steel pipes, these pipes are the hardest and toughest. However, these types have the lowest ductility among the all three pipes.

Due to the high carbon content in the pipes, these types are almost all the time hardened and high tempered. Due to this feature, these files are wear-resistant and do not get destroyed too early.

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