5 Effective Fire Retardant Coating in Construction

Fire retardant coating is a way to control fire in different places. It helps in giving time to evacuate the place and saving the life of people in it. In this article, we are going to study about 5 effective fire retardant coatings that can be used in construction.

Brominated fire retardants

Brominated fire retardants are considered the most efficient and effective file retardants in this field. A small amount of brominated fire retardants is considered sufficient for or causing a considerable effect on the fire. The process of applying brominated fire-retardant starts from the conversion of highly reactive radicals into less reactive radicals. Some common types of brominated Fire retardants include Pentabromodiphenyl ether which is used typically for upholstery and mattresses. The other one is Decabromodiphenyl ether which is mainly used in electronic items, rubber, PVC, Paints, etc. One more type of BFR product is hexabromocyclododecane which is used in every kind of building construction materials.

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Phosphorus-based Fire Retardants

Phosphorus-based fire retardants contain phosphorus as a primary substance. There are different materials used in addition to the phosphorus, like polymer, depending on the requirement. Phosphorus-based fire retardants act in one of the two faces at a time. They are either condensed phase or gaseous phase. In the condensed phase, they act by increasing char. In the gaseous phase, they act with the help of gas in the mission or with the combination of char and with the combination of char and gas.

Chlorinated fire retardants

The effectiveness of chlorinated fire retardants is similar to brominated fire retardants when they are used in combination with different flame retardants. The process of using chlorinated fire retardants is also the same as brominated fire retardants. Both of them use the decomposition method for converting the high reactive radicals into less reactive radicals. The main difference between CFRs and BFRs is that CFRs have the ability to perform in a solid-state also.

Alumina based fire retardants

Alumina is considered one of the most preferred flame retardants. It is not used in its original form but as a hydrated material known as magnesium hydroxide or aluminum hydroxide. The process of using Alumina-based fire retardants includes thermal decomposition, which helps in the emission of water. This helps in the cooling of the vapors and dilutes them. Alumina-based fire retardants are used in high amounts to prove efficient.

Intumescent systems

Intumescent fire retardants include a process that produces forms effective in fire situations. Intumescent fire retardants are effective and widely used fire retardants. They can not only effectively protect combustible products made of wood and plastic, but they can also prove effective on steel appliances. Another reason to prove the effectiveness of information systems is that they are not harmful to the environment and people’s health around it.

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