6 Apps Students Should Have On Their Phones


With its plethora of online tools and applications, there is no doubt why the internet is today’s students’ best friend. From online word counter to automated playlists for students, the internet has all the answers and solutions. While most parents and teachers consider the internet distracting, the internet can improve your academic performance when used moderately.

To make the most out of the technology-driven era, here is a list of the six must-have apps that you need to install on your phone right away. 


If you aren’t a fan of reading, then Audible is a boon for you. Instead of sitting down and peering through textbooks, you can learn your study material on your way to school or while exercising or household chores. Audible has a vast archive of audiobooks, ranging from storybooks to study course books. You can sign up for a free trial of two audiobooks.

Chegg Study

Sometimes, you may get stuck on a concept or a homework problem. While you can always head to take help from online tutors, there is a free alternative to help you too – Chegg Study. The app has a massive database with step-by-step solutions for problems in all disciplines and sub-disciplines. You can check your homework answers and finish the assignments quickly. 


With multiple assignments on your shoulders, it becomes imperative to track the tasks to submit all your assignments on time. Todolist is a task-tracking app that comes for free. You can make separate logs for each of the tasks and toggle multiple tasks as well. You can sync the app across all platforms and devices. 


While the internet brings these apps to help you study, it can easily distract you with the continuous pings of notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes. To counter the deviations, you can download the app Freedom that blocks some of the apps when you’re working. So that means you get to access other apps like the ones listed in this post, but you won’t be able to tweet, re-tweet or share memes sneakily.


Suppose you have been asked to submit an assignment of 25 pages in PDF form. So, how do you understand whether you have exceeded the word count or failed to touch the minimum limit? The task gets easier with the app Zamzar – a page number calculator. All you need to do is upload the PDF file, and the automated word counter will convert the words to page numbers to show you the final page count for the assignment. 

iGradr2 Pro

Calculating the grades that you have scored based on all the submissions and the tests you have taken can be a tedious affair. But with iGradr2 Pro, an easy GPA calculator, you can calculate your CGPA and GPA in a few minutes. Just insert the scores and grades you have received back-to-back and select a weight, and the tool will give you the results in a few seconds.

Get these apps on your phone right away and usher in academic success in your life this semester. 

Summary: The internet brings along several gifts for students that they can use to make academic less of an ordeal. This article sheds light on 6 of the best apps designed for students that will help them ace this semester.

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