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How to Spy on Whatsapp Calls With TheOneSpy App

The kids are become more modern and attached the smart digital gadgets and online media for the sack of entertainment. Whatsapp is the most popular social messaging app that is most used by people all around the world. It uses for free audio-video calls and instant messages or voice messages. The kids spend most of their time with smart devices and online activities. Children use social media for several concerns move the kid’s attention from the right path. Parents should aware of the kids’ activities. That needs to call recording for the protection of the online dangerous which kids don’t know. 

Whatsapp call recording app

It means to know the social media activities and identify all conversations within the instant social app remotely and track the kids’ online activities. It allows recording all incoming or outgoing calls of the targeted device active with social messaging app. 

TheOneSpy call recording app

It is spy software that enables to monitor all online activities of the targeted device without knowing them. TheOneSpy is compatible with all digital devices like iOS, android, mac, or windows. This is one of the best apps that help to monitor the social media accounts and their all online activities. It empowers the parents to spy on the kid’s WhatsApp activities and know all incoming outgoing calls without touching the device even know the name and call history or make a recording of calls. 

Why call recording is needed

To record the call of their kid’s social accounts is mean to know their social activities within their smartphones. The basic concern of parents is to know all about the kids’ activities because kids are immature they don’t feel any online threat and the outcomes of spending most of the time with the digital devices. 

The main concern 

The important issue to find all about the kids’ activities through their social accounts like WhatsApp which is provide instant messages and audio-video calls without any privacy. 

When kids newly start using social messaging apps they are super excited about the usage and share with their friends but they didn’t realize any opposite side effects. The contacts with strangers have and make long calls and share their daily routine. They don’t know how the other starts the unethical communication and is involved in online dating. 

However, to prevent from the unwanted conversation from other even friends or stranger are the core need to use social messaging call recording app for the kid’s protection. 

How to spy WhatsApp call

Just feel for a while you will be able to listen to the kids all conversations with their friends and others. No problem if your kid uses mostly WhatsApp and makes long conversation. It makes sure the users through the encrypted security but no worries whatsapp call recorder app allows to spy all calls without any restriction. it allows to listen and record all targeted calls without taking the devices and not know the targeted person is someone sneak your device but it is used ethically for the protection of kids. 

For this purpose, the user needs to get access theOneSpy monitoring application that required the subscription and allow installing this spy software on the targeted device, and then you will be able to record all incoming or outgoing calls of the targeted devices. 

It can able to record the calls in real-time and listen to all communication or also make sure the downloading on your dashboard and listen to what your kids make calls and what they talk with other if they make unethical conversation so this app empowers the parents to take action against this activity of the kids. 

Use theOneSpy WhatsApp call recording feature 

Call recording 

TheOneSpy mobile spy app makes able parents to spy on all social messaging apps like WhatsApp and also know about their all activities regarding the app with this powerful call recording feature make sure to listen to the present calls of the social app with the targeted device secretly and know the full call history with contact name or time. It empowers parents to record the full communication from both sides can listen to it later.

VoIP call recorder 

Users can use WhatsApp Voice call recording app and record one-side voice calls without rooting the target device. 


TheOneSpy WhatsApp call recording app allows the parents to spy on the kid’s calls via WhatsApp for the kid’s safety concerns. 

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