Are You Ready for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live 2021?

Hot Wheels Live is the most popular and most successful tour in the history of Hot Wheels. Over the years it has evolved into an impressive range of toys that are both entertaining and educational. It has become a family name that can be seen in television ads, in the movies, and in numerous video games. The best thing about the Hot Wheels Live tour is that it continues to grow in popularity, as there are new monsters to be released. The latest additions to the line are the Waterton area and the Battle at Kruger expansion pack.

Hot Wheels Live Tour For Kids and Families. On April 10th, the second annual Hot Wheels Live Tour will take place at the famous Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida. Kids and families are invited to join in this fun and exciting adventure where they will get to drive and climb their way through an amazing environment filled with stunt and monster truck action. Kids will love the opportunity to ride and see all the different kinds of Hot Wheels vehicles, including their favorite Hot Wheels cars. The event features a special concert by Hot Wheels Music and a parade that features no less than fifteen different Hot Wheels vehicles.

Featuring Tons of Interactive Activities 

Raycom-Legacy Content Event. Hot Wheels Live takes place at Universal Studios Orlando and includes a special presentation of the new movie titled “Theixels.” This is the second film in the popular series featuring the lovable rodent creatures, which will hit theaters in June. Cheap tickets for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live is available now.

No matter what your age is, you will love watching the Raycom-Legacy Content zone featuring tons of interactive activities, games, and attractions in the video section of the tour.

V8 Bomber Live Tour. The second day of the V8 Bomber Live tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the actual movie, complete with awesome behind-the-scenes access and a Q&A session with director Robert Rodriguez (who happen to be a fan). On this day, kids will have the chance to meet the cast members of the movie, go behind the scenes for photo opportunities, and even go behind the scenes for some real wild V8 Bomber stunt sequences! After the tour, Universal Pictures will host a premiere screening of the new film at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Then, for a second night, kids can enjoy the V8 Bomber Live tour at the Universal Studios Florida Park. All of this is sure to make for an amazing night out.

Hot Wheels Megaburst 

Nov. 16th – Tour of California. On this day in April, thrill-seeking fans are invited to tour the California theme park. Along with special appearances by hot monster trucks such as the Prowler, Gator, Megasquatch and the Hot Wheels Megaburst, there will also be other attractions for kids to participate in. For a toughest monster truck tour sneak peek at what’s in store for the big day, Universal Pictures will host a preview party beginning at 7 p.m., followed by a free concert from local talent beginning at 8 p.m., followed by the main concert from seven o’clock to 9 p.m., featuring appearances by the Hot Wheels Megaburst.

The Hot Wheels Live tour will travel across the country, visiting four states during its run. Check out the official site for a full list of cities and dates. So whether you live in California, Maryland, or New Jersey, you don’t have to miss a chance to be a part of the adventure that is the Hot Wheels monster truck celebration. Be sure to mark your calendar and plan ahead for a monster truck party the night before or the day of.

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