Unusual Uses of Bar Soap Which You Probably Didn’t Know

Most of us know bar soap only as a way to keep our hands clean and germ free, but in this blog, you will read how the soap is not only used for this purpose. You probably will run towards the store to buy as many soaps as you can after reading this blog. 

Keeps the Deer and Rabbits Away from Lawn:

If you live in an area near a hill station or mountains, you might have seen deer’s roaming around in the open. We don’t have to remind you how quickly rabbits and deer’s can ruin your garden. 

The most common way to stop these wild animals is by using a deer deterrent, but this chemical has to be used repeatedly after rain, and it is pretty expensive, so it gets difficult for some. 

Another cheap, easy, and effective way is to cut bar soap into pieces, wrap them in a paper or cloth and scatter them around the garden. This usually works for an entire season, but this can vary on the place you are living in. 

Prevent Soot in Iron Pot:

Who doesn’t like those family gatherings in the back garden while cooking a pot of stew on open flames? Of course, everyone does except the person who has to clean the pot after the gathering. 

Removing soot from the pot can be a near-impossible task, but a bar of soap can make this work from impossible to easy. 

You simply have to rub soap at the bottom of the pot before exposing the pot to open flames. This prevents the soot from sticking with the pot. 

Avoid Dirt Getting Stuck in Nails:

Gardening is a fun activity, but it gets very messy every time, and even if you use gloves, dirt can somehow sneak inside the gloves. 

Scraping your nails on a bar of soap will collect silvers underneath the soil to your nails which prevents the dirt from getting stuck in nails, and we are pretty sure that you didn’t saw this one coming. 

After you are done with gardening, you can simply wash off the soap from your hands. 

Keep Insects Away from Your Plants:

In the above point, you read gardening is a fun activity, but bugs can make that work go in vain, and before that point, you read how bar soap can keep the deer and rabbits away from plants. 

Well, you don’t have to worry about insects when you have got bar soap. For this step, you need to add a slice of soap to water and stir it until it dissolves, and then spray the mixture on the plants with the help of a spraying bottle. 

It Makes Smelly Shoes Smell Like New:

Everyone hates it when you have a special occasion the next day and when you take out your favorite pair of shoes, they stink. 

If you wash the shoes, then you might have to wait a whole day, depending upon where you live, and nobody isn’t got no time for that. 

A simple way to fix the smell overnight is by placing a bar of soap wrapped in a wrapper inside the shoes. 

Prevents Musky Odors:

Now that the summer has come, you will pack your winter clothes and keep them in a closet so that your favorite leather or suede jacket doesn’t get ruined by the bacteria. 

The thing here is that insects can get inside and ruin your clothes, so you can place a bar soap that will absorb all the bacteria and will stop the insects. 

Relieves the Itch of Bug Bites:

Everyone hates mosquitos because they only appear when you are trying to sleep or relax, and if a stubborn bug has bitten you, you better use a bar of soap and rub it around the bitten area for instant relief. 

Makes Sewing Easier:

When you find it difficult to pass the needle through a piece of fabric, you can fix this by pushing the needle inside the soap, and that will work because the needle will get slippery hence making it easy to pass through. 

If you find these ways helpful and want to share them with your loved ones, then you can gift them some soaps in custom printed Soap boxes by TheSpeedyPack. 

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