Revival of Scrunchie in Form of Innovative Patterns & Vibrant Colors

Styli Discount on Alluring Hair Scrunchies

Scrunchies are the flattering cute hair accessories. You may have bought one or two piars of scrunchies and use to tie hair back while washing, cleansing or applying mask on the face. In fact, scrunchies can be used in stylish ways for casual appearance, formal or evening parties. Avail Styli discount code to order some of the vibrant color scrunchies in silk, velvet, cotton, moonlight and satin. Moreover, tie scrunchie, pleated scrunchie and bow scrunchie styles are enough to get a cute look. Polka Dot Betty Scarf is the sweet and gorgeaous style scrunchie that can be popped over bun or ponytail.

Hair Styling with Scrunchies

  1. The Messy Bun

Messy bun is one of the simplest ways to style your hair. Leave out the short length bang pieces and tie medium or large size scrunchies in a round way. If you have a bow scrunchie, it will give the awesome look. 

  1. Braided Style

For long hair, the braid is the most recommended style. Put your hair on left or right side to make a bit tight brraid. Leave the hair unbraided at the bottom, giving at least 4 inch and fix the braid with the help of scrunchie. Loose your braid in order to give wider appearance to braid. For braided style small or medium size scrunchie is perfect. Leave a few bangs in the front for more stylish look. 

  1. Ponytail Style

Pick your hair at medium height and tie in wobbly ponytail form with the help of hair band. Put finger in the front area of your head just to make your hair a bit loose and gather hair bangs around the face to obtain messy hair look. for this style, use medium to large size scrunchie round the hairband. To maintain this look and adding texture, you can make use of hair spray. 

  1. The Topknot

For this hair style, you can use hair extension to show thick hair. Small or medium size scrunchie is suitable for topknot. A messy topknot is the simple one that looks facy and cute. There are different methods to carry this hairdo. Gather your hair at the height where you want to make the knot. Make a high pony. While giving the last loop for a pony, just keep the ends out. Now, take these loose ends and gather again with a scunchie and pin down the strands in form of bun. Use hair spray to get messy topknot.

  1. Back Twist

Make two hair sections and fall above ears. Now, twist these sections towards one after the other. After twisting, secure these at the back with hairband. Now beautify the style with a tie or bow shaped scrunchie, so the stylish scrunchie can follow down your hair. Keep some hair strainds around the face to make seamless appearance. Do not forget to use styli discount code while adding purchasqwing new styles of scrunchies.

  1. Sleek High Pony

While making a high pony, use a comb to gather hair in a hair tie. After that use the scrunchie over the hair tie to get classy look. A ponytail in form of scrunchie is the statement hair accessory that can draw the attention towards your face and hair style. Keep hair in sleek style up-do are enough to brag the hair accessory. What is more interesting, you are capable to match the color with your makeup, earrings or especially with the lipstick. It is the simple and a semi-formal way to get ready for your oofice. Presence of sleek and velvet based pony-tail makes it simple to whip out captivating designs and patterns, such as silk, polka dot and animal print scrunchies. 

Scrunchie Selection Shows Your Personality

It is true that using a variety of patterns and prints is really a fun-making activity. You do not even consider that this interesting activity reveals a lot about your choice and personality. These days, trendy scrunchies are offered in a plethora of textures, colors, and features, therefore it is quite simple to choose a scrunchie that complements a particular outfit. Neon is the perfect color when you need to choose a scrunchie for your office attire. Always make it certain that your accessories can stand out and do not look odd when you are in the office, party, or just doing home chores. 

After the 1990s, the scrunchies are again in fashion. The latest designs are a mixture of 90s fashion with unique new features. Checkered scrunchie, sequin detail, striped print, spiral, shimmer, bow heart print, mesh detail, organza, scarf detail, floral or fruit print, and simple scrunchie with pompom detail are highly popular. These styles can be worn anytime and anywhere irrespective of your age group. Get a styli discount code to find some of the latest designs to show your style and personality. 

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