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How Plesk Onyx Features Simplify Server Administration?

Servers are the key factor of IT infrastructure. They provide services to the end users and fulfill their queries.

A web hosting server should be able to fulfill your business goals and needs.

To get the server to be able to direct the business goals you should look after your server administration tasks.

These tasks such as server security, software maintenance, monitoring server activities, and applications, and server management when performed correctly lead you to achieve success boundaries for your organization.

Such tasks can be time taking thus they should be automated and here comes the role of cPanel. cPanel provides you with a list of everyday tasks and helps in server management.

The Tool Plesk is making it easier to manage your server or server administration.

Plesk Onyx                     

Firstly, Plesk is one of the most popular tools for Hosting Service Providers. Secondly, It helps in managing and controlling the website or the server management through regular backups and configuration.

It provides a web-based platform for Hosting Providers where they can manage their servers with ease. With the help of Plesk, you can easily make a website, add new plans and packs and customize your security needs.

Plesk allows you to manage your server and other accounts from a single web interface which ultimately reduces the cost and hence makes it a cost-effective tool that offers a high amount of flexibility.

Plesk provides complete system services by:-

Management of different IP Address

An IP is a unique identity provided to a user by a server administrator. Managing these IP’s can be challenging and it is necessary to group these IPs in the correct way to use and manage them. The hosting provider should keep in mind the uniqueness of a particular IP while assigning it to a particular user. Configuration of these IP should be done individually.

IP pool of Plesk helps you to assign and group the unique IP’s together.

Just log in into your pleskPlesk and go to Tools and Settings after that move to IP Address located in Tools and Resources. Here you can easily add, update, delete and hide the IP address from the server.

Server Settings and Task 

Task Scheduler by Plesk provides you the opportunity to the run the script automatically in your server. You can filter these tasks by using certain commands. If we talk about the Server settings it has parameters related to statistics and permissions related to server for its customers which you can customize accordingly.

Updating the Server

System update tools are important for smooth and uninterrupted operations. Onyx offers System Update Tool for server administrators for Linux based server.

This uses OS package manager to update the system. This keeps your server maintained and updated, it monitors and keeping updated packages.  

It is an automatic process available for admins to view and manage these updates, restricting and non-restricting packages, configuration related update and so on.     


Huge problems can only be solved if you monitoring well. Server related issues can only be solved when they are monitored well. As a name suggest Watch Dog component of Plesk allows system monitoring.

It keeps an eye on Malwares and ensures that the server is working efficiently without any interruption.  

On the other hand Watch Dog safeguards the server and the system from various malwares and viruses.

Protection against Attacks

Sometimes the attacker tries to guess the password of the users so that they can assess the system. For this they submitted many passwords until the correct one is found, this is called as brute force attack. The best way to prevent these situations is to block the IP address.

Plesk offers you Fail2Ban feature by which you can protect your server from malicious traffic.

Data Recovery or Backups

You can create and manage server backup by specific needs. Plesk comes with backup manager tool by which you can create and schedule the backup for your server or individual accounts present in the Plesk. Backup Archives is also use for restoring the data from the Plesk.  

Plesk Migrator 

Plesk control panel provides you a feature by which you can easily migrate or transfer your data plans with domain and content of website like mail, database and so on.

It also provides account management and Word Press management for your server with the help of WP toolkit, Git integration, Docker Support, ruby support ,node.js support etc.

More Advanced Admin Tools 

Plesk Onyx includes Magento, Patchman, CDN and CloudFlare. Having closeness with OS, tools and applications and others allows you to run your website according to you.

It provides flexibility to the user by which they can add things to their control panel.

However, you get the highly efficient environment that is easy to use and manage.

Who can start on Plesk Server Panel?           

The answer to this question is, Any level of experience or non-experience users can use Plesk Server Panel as it comes with easy to use Graphical User Interphase. It is highly compatible and has huge potential within it. Plesk Onyx comes with more capability and multi-server environments.

You can save a high amount of time and effort while using Plesk.


In conclusion, if you find the server administration task time-consuming and complicated, or tough to perform then Plesk Onyx can help you to ease this process.

This is the best tool preset in the market which will help you to simplify all your server related operations.

You can also customize your server panel by installing various extensions to ease your automation and setup procedures.

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