Tips for Maintaining the Freshness of Flowers for a Long Time

We all love a fresh bouquet. The fragrance, the vibrant colors, and just the look of these beautiful creations are enough to make our hearts melt almost instantly. Flowers are a medium of happiness that we share with the people we love, which makes them equally precious. Just their presence is enough to make a dull space light up, and just a vision of them can make our eyes glitter with happiness. For many decades, flowers are used as a medium of our expressions and have never gone out of trend for the best gifting options.

However, no matter how precious or memorable they may be, bouquets dry up pretty soon, and we have to dispose of them in one way or another. But, if you research closely, there are a lot of ways in which you can save these fresh flowers for extended periods of time altogether. No matter if they are online delivery flowers or flowers bought from your local florist, these tips and tricks can benefit you immensely to keep these memorable gifts intact and fresh.

Allow us to enlighten you with a few of these highlights and guide you through a process of everlasting, fresh flower bouquets.

Stems and Water Intake

There are two types of stems when it comes to different flowers; some flowers have woody stems, while others might have soft and greener stems. Woody stemmed flowers such as the one in roses are usually water drinkers, so it is imperative to put them in a vase filled with water to almost 1/3rd of the mark from the mouth of the same. On the other hand, when we talk about flowers with soft stems such as tulips, they tend not to need a decadent drink, and so just a half-filled vase would do wonders for them.

Temperature of Water

When you put water in the vase, ensure that the water should not be extensively cold or boiling. The water needs to be at the room temperature first before placing the flowers in it. Another important observation that you need to make before putting in the flowers is that there should not be any bubbles in the water as they might get into the stems’ waterways and make it difficult for the flowers to efficiently take up water. While these tips might seem very casual, they are, however, one of the most common reasons, for flowers to die early.

Stem Lengths and Cuts

While people tend to cut flowers with just a guess, it is not always the right way to do so. You should precisely measure the stems in accordance with the vase and then cut the same. The cut should be with a sharp knife or cutter and that too at an angle and not exactly horizontal. When you cut at an angle, it creates a wider opening, and so the water intake is facilitated. After the cut is made, the stem that will be inside the water needs to be cleaned of any leaves, so that there is nothing inside the water. If there is any, it will decompose and hence make your clean water, dirty pretty quick.

Location of the Vase

You need to keep your vase of flowers away from any heat source. This includes any appliance that radiates heat or sunlight that enters through the windows. This is so because, when fresh cut flowers are subjected to heat, they tend to take up more water than what they actually want. This results in the wilting flowers that become very moist.

Check them Regularly

Once your flowers are all set in the vase and are ready to be visually treated, don’t just let them be. You need to check them regularly in almost every two days. Make sure to pull them out, holding their stems and cleaning them. You should change the water as well to prevent any mosquitoes breeding in that untreated water.

The above tips can immensely help you in keeping your flowers alive and healthy for a comparatively long time. Now with the technological advances, you can simply get flowers delivered at your doorsteps through online florist’s services. No matter which corner of the world you are in, you can have online flower delivery in Bangalore, Assam, Mumbai and so on. Flowers can be a beautiful decoration piece but only until they are maintained properly. Their elegance and richness need to be taken care of. So, use the tips and tricks provided above to keep their beauty intact. 

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